We're looking for skaters to represent us!

Qualifying for Sponsorship

In order for us to consider you for sponsorship, please make sure you have already completed the first 4 steps:

  1. Follow us on Instagram @sizersk8 and Facebook @sizerskate
  2.  Have at least 1 post on your social media account of yourself visibly holding or skating one or more of our custom boards or apparel. If you do not have one of our decks or shirts yet, send us a message in our contact page here and we will send you a discount code.
  3. Share a link to us on Instagram, Facebook or via the contact page showing your best Instagram posts and YouTube videos.
  4. Note: We have no tolerance for drugs, violence or racism. Social media feeds or comments containing any of these will be automatically disqualified.

Levels of Sponsorship

Shop Sponsorship

Includes discounts and occasionally free gear. This is our way of saying thank you for being part of the Sizer Skateboards tribe. It's for skaters who want to help see us grow at a grassroots level in each of their communities.

Flow Sponsorship

Includes free gear. You have an established social media presence, use our decks and / or wheels exclusively and are posting skating content showcasing Sizer Skateboard gear on a weekly basis.

Amateur Sponsorship

Includes free gear and we start covering expenses such as tournament fees, video production etc. to help you grow your skateboarding career. You are starting to develop a name and a following for yourself on social media and / or you're entering regional competitions regularly. Basically, you're at a stage where you're serious about putting in the hard work to make a living from skateboarding and becoming pro.

 Pro Sponsorship

You get to design your own deck and put your name on it and you earn royalties on all your pro deck sales. We've just signed Josh Sigmon as our first Pro skater - you can check his deck out here. Also check him out on IG at @ziggyskate.