We’re old. We’ve been skating since 1991. In that time, we’ve seen many skateboard companies come and go. Some companies had initial success but burned out by trying to grow too big too soon. Some companies got greedy and cut corners to make bigger profits at the expense of quality. Other companies were started by skaters who underappreciated the importance of getting all the boring business stuff right. On the flip side, the few companies that have survived through all those years have become mega corporations run by accountants and shareholders.

We’d like to think that we’ve learned from both the successes and failures of all those companies that have blazed the trail before us. As skaters, we know the importance of hard work and perseverance – from the dedication required in order to land your first kickflip, to running a sustainable skateboard company.

That starts with quality products. Our decks are manufactured in the USA using 100% North American / Canadian Hard rock Maple and pressed using a cold-press technique with 60 tons of pressure. Only the best glue is used - specially designed for skateboards. We use seven plys per deck - 1/16th thickness for our core and face grade veneers in combination with crossband veneers 1/24th thick. This combination gives the thinnest, lightest, strongest board possible with the best balance between pop and flexibility.

Our wheels are also made in the USA - manufactured in the same facility used for making wheels for some of the top speed skating athletes in the world!

Also, we offer two different types of concave – mellow and steep – in several sizes, so that you can find a Sizer Skateboard that suits your riding style.

And, finally, we only partner with independent skate shops. We do this because we want to make sure that the person working with you has the knowledge to guide you to toward your perfect skateboard and is as passionate about skateboarding as us. We have partnered with Holy Roller in Benton, AR since 2022 and have announced a partnership with skate non-profit Local Crew in Rogers, AR for 2023.